Have you spent endless money on trying to clean your tile and grout? Have you scrubbed for hours and it doesn’t look cleaner? We feel for you! So many people across the country are using the wrong type of cleaners to clean their tile and grout. Regular household cleaners fail to lift stains from grout and can even cause grout to crack! 

Stop wasting your money on worthless products. Don’t hire a grout cleaner company to clean your grout for BIG MONEY if you don’t actually need it… what you need is a proper grout cleaner and grout sealer, and we’ve got that for you! 

Grout Shield’s grout cleaners and grout sealers work and they are easy to use and affordable!  

If you live in Buffalo, we’ve got the best grout restoration products for you that can easily be shipped to your business or home.  

Our grout cleaners and grout sealers come in a variety of sizes, whether you plan on tackling a small space or large building 

Our grout cleaners can clean any dirt and/or stains from new and old grout. Dirty grout can make an entire room, home, or business look like it hasn’t been cleaned in years. Grout Shield makes grout products that can lift deep stains out of grout and clean and protect grout for good! Your home or business will look clean all the time! 

Our grout products are like no other – they ACTUALLY work!  

Grout Shield’s grout products clean, seal, and restore your grout and tile.  You can use Grout Shield’s grout cleaning products easily on your own, and it won’t cost you lots of money. 

Unless your home needs a major renovation, you can avoid spending thousands of dollars on re-grouting and tiling your Buffalo home or business with Grout Shield. You CAN restore your grout to like-new condition without spending the money on a tile and grout renovation.  

You can clean, repair, seal, and protect your grout lines with Grout Shield’s grout restoration products in Buffalo. Our grout cleaners work better and are not harsh like regular household cleaners. Many household cleaners will crack and compromise the grout, which will cost you more to repair. Our grout cleaners are easy to use and pH-balanced, which means they are safe to use and won’t harm the grout. 

 You and/or your employees in Buffalo can easily use and apply Grout Shield products to your tile and grout.  

If you have cracked or missing grout:  

  • Buy a grout that matches your current grout (or as close as possible). 
  • Remove any loose or broken grout. 
  • Clean the grout lines where you removed the damaged grout with some cold water. You can use Grout Shield’s Grout & Tile Cleaner to lift deep stains. 
  • Towel dry. 
  • Follow the grout instructions to prepare the grout mixture. Keep mixing the grout, and add in Grout Shield’s color sealer to match the color of your grout. You can also choose a different color to change the color of the grout all together.  
  • Fill the grout lines with the grout and make sure the grout is level and straight. 
  • Clean the tiles off with a sponge. 

If your grout just needs a good cleaning:  

  • Use Grout Shield’s use Grout Shield’s grout maintenance cleaner or the Grout and Tile Cleaner . These grout cleaners will remove any excess dirt, grease, and other stains from old or new grout. These grout cleaners clean and remove any previous grout sealer that was on the grout. 
  • After the area is cleaned and dry, you need to seal your grout to protect it. Apply Grout Clear Sealer or grout color sealer  to the grout to protect the grout from future stains and discolorations. The color grout sealer will change the color of your grout and can transform the look of a room. We can make or match any grout color you want. 

You will not regret purchasing Grout Shield grout products. Our grout products are great for homes, businesses, pools, restaurants, hotels, parks, libraries, stores, museums, offices, and more in Buffalo. The search is over for a great grout cleaner and sealer, Grout Shield is here for you in Buffalo! 

To purchase Grout Shield grout cleaners and/or grout sealers or to learn more, click our grout products page or call 1-800-631-0716. It’s easy! 

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