If you’re looking to spruce up the surfaces of your home, one of the best ways to do so is by installing a Color Seal. This unique product can be used on grout lines and tile floors in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms or any other area of your house that could benefit from this type of sealant. Color Seals come in a variety of shades and colors, allowing you to customize your look without sacrificing function. From muted earth tones to vibrant hues fit for an art gallery wall – there’s sure to be something perfect for your project! To ensure successful installation and maximum satisfaction with the results, it’s important that you choose the right color for your project before beginning. Here at Grout Shield we make it easy for our customers select the ideal shade based on their individual preferences…

Finding the perfect color for your grout color seal project can be a daunting task, especially if you have an exact shade in mind. Fortunately, Grout Shield has made it easy to match your chosen colors with the amazing selection of colors – but what if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for?

At Grout Shield we understand that not everyone has the time or means to keep up with the ever-changing demand for color charts. That’s why we offer our customers the freedom to choose any color they want without limiting them to just one selection.

Whether it’s a major grout company’s paper chart or a paint color you want replicated, simply provide us with the information from the paint swatch into the custom color input bar, and we can customize any shade of your choice! Just grab your local store’s catalogs and samples and lay them next to your tile for comparison – this way you’ll get an accurate representation of how they look together.

Not sure which hue will look best? You don’t have to guess! Take advantage of Grout Shield’s expertise and request a sample before applying to make sure you end up with an eye-catching result. With our customizable options, there’s no need to settle for anything less than perfect! For just $9.95 you can purchase a sample color to try and test before buying larger bottles.

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