Missing, broken, or cracked grout isn’t pretty. It can make a room or your home look older and worn down, even if your home is clean and new. Getting your grout/tile replaced can be expensive, but you can fix your grout without having to spend thousands of dollars hiring a contractor to fix it.

Some cracked grout can easily be replaced or covered with new grout, while other cracks may need new tile installation with the entire room re-grouted. Remember, if you don’t have expertise in tile or grout, call someone that does.

If your cracks are small and not compromising anything, you can mix Grout Shield’s grout color sealer with grout to fill in the cracks and update the grout color.

Take sanded or un-sanded grout and put it in a cup. Then, take the grout color seal and squirt it in the cup. Add some water. Mix it up. You want your grout to look like a pancake batter, so when you apply it to the wall it will bind. To fix the missing grout, take your grout mixture and push it into the grout joint/line. Once you fixed all the missing grout in the shower, then you want to color seal it. Take the color seal and squeeze it along the grout line. Don’t worry if you get it on the tile. Grout Shield’s color seal doesn’t stick to tile. Take your finger and run it along up and down the grout line to fill in the grout. Then, take the chamois and wipe off the excess sealer. It’s that easy!

Watch this video below of how to fix cracked or missing grout with Grout Shield’s products.

Once the broken or missing grout has been repaired, make sure your grout joints are recessed. This means that the grout should be lying below the edge of your tiles or indented. If the grout joints are not recessed, you can recess them using a flat head screwdriver.  Just run the screwdriver back and forth to scrape away some of the grout. You can also visit your local home improvement store and purchase a grout removal tool.

Click the link to purchase our grout sealing  products.  For more information on Grout Shield’s grout products,  to purchase Grout Shield products, or for more questions on how to use our products, click our grout products page, or call toll free at 1-800-631-0716.


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