Grout often gets forgotten about, until it’s unsightly. Grout can alter the entire look of a room, whether it’s stained, discolored or broken.

Whether you just grouted your tile, cleaned it, or looking to change the color, you want to seal the grout. A grout sealer protects the freshly new and cleaned grout so it can remain like new.

With Grout Shield’s grout color sealer, you can color your grout any color you want while also protecting your grout. A color sealer can cover discolorations, cover light or dark colors, and completely transform the look of a room.

Whenever you have new grout or freshly cleaned grout in your home, you want to seal it to protect it. Otherwise, it will become dirty fast. The sealer prevents dirt, liquids, mud and other debris from absorbing into the grout.

After you seal your grout, you can use the Grout Shield Maintenance cleaner to just clean your tile and grout properly throughout the year. Because of the powerful seal, you won’t have to work tirelessly to get out deep stains or discolorations.

The color sealer and clear sealer by Grout Shield last for a long time, which cuts down the amount of work and money you have to put towards preserving your grout throughout the years.

It’s important to remember, before you seal your grout. Make sure it’s properly cleaned, or you will trap dirt and stains under the seal.

To properly clean grout, you want to use Grout Shield’s Grout & Tile Deep Cleaner, which cleans and lifts deep and hard-to-clean stains out of the grout’s pores. Whether your grout is new or old, this cleaner will make sure your grout is clean.

To use this cleaner, mix 1 ounce of the cleaner with 8 ounces of warm water. Then, brush the cleaner into the grout with a brush applicator. Let the mixture sit into the grout lines for a few minutes. Then, wipe away the cleaner with a sponge and towel dry the floor. The grout will be clean!

Grout Shield grout cleaners and grout sealers can be used protect grout and tile on floors, countertops, backsplashes, pools, showers, bathtubs, and more.
Grout Shield products will make your grout look brand new again.  To purchase Grout Shield’s grout cleaners or grout sealers or learn more, click our grout products page or call 1-800-631-0716.

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