Whether you live in a warm or cooler climate, the springtime is a great time to prep your outdoor flooring with the proper grout restoration products to prepare it for the summer.  

Summer is hot and with the heat comes humidity, harsh sun rays, and lots of rain. Your outdoor tiling and flooring experience a lot of different weather elements, so it’s in your best interest to protect the flooring as much as possible so it won’t get wrecked and end up costing you lots of money to fix.  

Also, if you protect your outdoor tile and grout, it will appear like-new and bright instead of dirty and dingey. If you (or a previous owner) have neglected the outdoor flooring for a while, it may appear discolored.  

What can you do? Grout Shield’s color sealer can help restore the color of your outdoor stucco floor, while also sealing the grout.  The color sealer is a penetrating sealer designed to revitalize and restore the desired color to your grout, but it also works to restore color on stucco flooring. 

 Grout Shield’s color sealer is a colorant and sealer all in one, so you’re sealing your outdoor floor to help protect it from the elements. Once the color sealer has been applied, it will provide superior durability to protect your surface. 

 Our grout color sealer is thick and strong – you can apply it with your finger or paint roller (wipe off excess on tile with towel)The color sealer can even make cracks disappear on the floor by hiding them. You can apply more than one coat, if needed. The grout color sealer is super easy to apply and it’s affordable.  

If you love or prefer the current color of your outdoor grout, you don’t need to change it color at all, but you should seal it to protect it from future stains. Grout Shield offers clear grout sealer. 

Before you protect your grout by sealing it, remember to properly clean your grout with Grout Shield’s Grout & Tile Deep Cleanerwhich cleans and lifts deep stains out of the grout’s pores. This cleaner will help you lift stains and dirt that has accumulated on your grout and tile in the fall, winter, and spring.  

To use this cleaner, you mix 1 ounce of the cleaner with 8 ounces of warm water. Then, brush the cleaner into the grout with a brush applicator. Let the mixture sit into the grout lines for a few minutes. Then, wipe away the cleaner with a sponge and towel dry the floor. The discoloration will be gone. 

You will enjoy your beautiful outdoor area this summer once it has been cleaned with Grout Shield grout restoration products!  

For more information on these grout sealers or to purchase Grout Shield products, click our grout sealers page, or call toll free at 1-800-631-0716. 

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