Whether a retail space, restaurant or office facility, commercial properties need to be cleaned to not only be healthy and safe for guests, visitors, workers, and clients, but to attract all these groups of people as well.  

In general, commercial properties get more foot traffic and usage than residential properties, so they get dirtier, faster, especially tile and grout.  

If a commercial property’s bathroom or tile flooring looks dirty, there’s a good chance they are being cleaned, but they are not being cleaned with the right grout and tile cleaner. You need a cleaner that can lift deep stains and discolorations. Otherwise, you waste your time paying an employee to clean a space that still doesn’t look clean post cleaning! 

You need a commercial space to be clean. You don’t want people to report your establishment or stop visiting/working with you because of your establishment’s dirty appearance. You could even get in trouble with health codes.  

The main reason your bathrooms or lobbies or common spaces look filthy is the dirty grout. Grout can become easily discolored when not properly cleaned or sealed.  Grout can even smell since it is holding on to all bacteria and other germs. Even if your staff or cleaning crew cleans the floor daily, dirty grout can keep the floor looking dirty. If you neglect the grout lines, your rooms’ appearancewill look unclean. 

You want to use Grout Shield’s Grout & Tile Deep Cleaner, which cleans and lifts deep stains out of the grout’s pores. To use this cleaner, you mix 1 ounce of the cleaner with 8 ounces of warm water. Then, brush the cleaner into the grout with a brush applicator. Let the mixture sit into the grout lines for a few minutes. Then, wipe away the cleaner with a sponge and towel dry the floor. The discoloration will be gone. 

Now, if the discoloration still won’t fully go away, you can make the color look like new again with Grout Shield’s color sealer. You just squeeze the sealer into the grout lines. Then, spread it into the grout lines with a brush applicator and wipe away the excess with a towel or chamois. 

If you don’t need to recolor your grout, you should seal it to protect it from future stains. Grout Shield also offers clear grout sealer. 

Our cleaners and sealers are simple to use and apply in your commercial property. For more information on Grout Shield products, click our grout cleaning product page, or call toll free at 1-800-631-0716. 

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