When we clean our homes, we think about dusting, mopping the floor, vacuuming, washing dishes, etc. However, if we don’t clean grout, our rooms can still look dirty. Dirty grout doesn’t just look bad; it also isn’t very sanitary.

Grout easily collects moisture, dirt, crumbs, bacteria, and basically absorbs anything Lots of things could possibly touch your grout: shoes, pets, urine, food, water, poisonous chemicals, makeup, and more.

Grout is porous. Since it’s collecting all this dirt, liquids, and water, it becomes a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Even if you mop and scrub your floors and walls meticulously, bacteria can still thrive in the grout, because it’s been so deeply absorbed.

A proper grout cleaner and sealer are the best solutions to getting rid of unsanitary and unsightly grout. You don’t want to be walking on all those germs, or having children touching tiles and putting that bacteria into their mouth. Dirt within the grout can be very difficult to clean and keep clean, but with the right grout cleaner and sealer, this process becomes a lot easier. You will spend less time cleaning the grout to restore it to a “like new” appearance.

This is how you can clean and protect your grout the right way. First, sweep the floor to remove any loose dirt or debris on the surface of the tiles and grout. Next, apply  Grout & Tile Deep Cleaner. Use a mop to distribute the cleaner over the entire floor. Allow the grout cleaner to saturate into the grout for 10 to 15 minutes, th,en scrub the area with a grout or bristle brush. After you scrub the dirt away with a few brushstrokes, use a clean rag to wipe away any remaining grout cleaner.

After you clean the grout with the cleaner, it’s a smart idea to utilize Grout Shield’s grout sealers to protect the grout from getting dirty, stained and germ-filled again.

Keep that Grout Clean

Keeping your grout clean is a great way to keep germs and sickness out of your home. It will also make your home look cleaner and newer.

After you use Grout Shield’s cleaner, ongoing maintenance and restoration is key to keeping these germs at bay. Grout Shield’s sealers, as well as our Maintenance Cleaner, will keep the floor clean and renewed. To learn more about Grout Shield’s products or to purchase them, click grout products page or call 239-768-6809 or 1-800-631-0716.


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