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What a difference this made in my shower! I would recommend and definitely use again. It was so easy to use too.

This is an excellent product, works just like it says it will. I purchased white as the grout that I used to have in the bathroom used to be white I am highly impressed how good it looks doesn’t wash off when you clean your floors very very happy with this product.
-@Idm632 @Idm632

You won’t believe the transformation. It looks like I replaced my floors. I’m going to spread the word anyone that has tile that needs help this is for you. Happy Happy Happy!!!

This product is the best! We were redoing mom’s house to sell and the bathroom tile was in good condition but the grout was so dingy and discolored, it was sickening! I followed the instructions and was shocked by the results. Saved us a ton of work since we didn’t have to remove the old stuff and start over. Well worth the price and the satisfaction from the results was fantastic.

I tried this on my bathroom tiled floor. It has the original tile built in 1947. I was amazed at how new it looks now. I wish I had more tile in my house so I could use it in the other areas. Would recommend this to anyone! It works!!

Just bought our first home and the grout in the master bath was well lets just say no longer bright and white but I loved the actual tile so I bought this grout sealer and the floor looks brand new. It took me a while to finish because i have very tiny tile so there were a lot of grout lines to cover but I am astounded at the difference. It literally looks like a new floor. There were a few spots I could not get the sealer to “stick” but unless you are really looking you don’t even notice them. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a “floor makeover”. I went from a 35 year old dingy dirty tile floor to a beautiful “brand new” floor in a few hours instead of days. Great product.

I haven’t used this yet… I did watch the presentation and the application looked relatively uncomplicated. I have high hopes for this and will watch the video again before attempting. I gave 5 stars as I know I can’t possibly go wrong and anxious to get started – just as soon as I get done with the Regency Gold…if I live that long!!! Thanks HSN

Took me a while to get the floor done with my sore back but it looks just like new when I finished doing it. Am going to finish my tile on the sink next and know it will look great.

I couldn’t be happier with this product. It worked exactly as demonstrated and I a not-so-handy do it yourslef-er made my kitchen floor look brand new

My kitchen floor is probably 20 years old. The grout was stained and the floor never looked clean because I could not get the grout clean. The deep cleaner is amazing!! It is a workout only because you need to bend down a lot to do this, but it is well worth the effort. I had a problem with the sealer, I called the company, the owner called me back personally and they are sending me a new sealer. I will be working on my bathroom next. It really is wonderful when something works like it says it does!!

I don’t typically submit reviews on products I buy. I read them, but don’t take the time to write them. I decided to give my input because the manufacturer deserves the accolades. I tried everything to make my grout look like it did in my closets like new and was constantly disappointed. I was obsessed! Being skeptical, I purchased one kit at first to make sure the color matched and that it actually worked. I was AMAZED! And no, I was not paid to say it!

I am very happy with this product. It was used in a small bathroom that has large tile and wide grout lines. The grout was stained in several areas and no amount of scrubbing, bleach etc would remove all the stain from the grout. I chose ivory after following directions the tile grout looks great. One small area after it dried, you could still see a faint look of the stain but after waiting several hours to make sure it was completely dry I just applied the color again just over the faint look of the stain and now it looks completely new. The bathroom tile looks so clean and new. This product does the job. Being used in such a small area, there is a lot left but even if it needs to be redone from time to time it is worth it. So far it has been about 3 weeks and no sign of color fading.

Tried this product in both my bathrooms over a dingy and dirty looking grout area. What a difference. Easy to do and makes the tile look like new! I would recommend this product 100%

This is not grout. It’s almost like it’s just paint for the actual grout. If it’s a seal too, so that would be even better. I was actually really impressed with the cleaner. I didn’t think it would work as well as it did. I was also impressed with the quality of the brush and the orange “rags” they give…very good quality and works well. Overall, I’m impressed, I will definitely order again. But it’s not “grout” like I thought it would be…still, a 5 star!

I actually bough this a few months ago and because I was having a family Thanksgiving I decided at the very last minute to use it on my counter tops and islands (the day before everyone was coming). We have white tile and the grout is over 25 years old and was supposed to be white, but was very dirty and dark, even after cleaning it just a few months ago. I bought the Off White and it turned out gorgeous, my counter tops look almost new and it was a breeze to use. I have a HUGE island and lots of counters and could not believe how easy it was to use and my kitchen looks great now! One word of advice, do just a few grout lines and then wipe because it really does dry quickly and the “overflow” on the tile is hard to get off, but if you look at the video and do it the same way – no problems!

Easy to use product with professional results. I previously tried an expensive epoxy based product that was difficult to apply and looked so bad that I thought I’d have to remove the grout. I spoke with Mike and he suggested that I apply the GroutShields stripper (at a higher concentration than normally used) followed by the color sealant. I am not particularly handy but the GroutShields products were easy to apply and have restored my shower floor to its original appearance. Customer support was fantastic – I received a follow-up call to see if I needed additional help. Highly recommended.
Tischler Family

Michael, This is the second time that I have ordered your product. You are the epitome of customer service which is very difficult to find these days. The first time that I used Groutshields was for the wrong color grout. This time, it will be for new grout. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to apply and the durability is unbelievable. I, perhaps will be moving to a different house in the near future and I have your information in my “important papers” file, so that I will always have it on hand for my use and to recommend to anyone that has a grout problem. I love your product! It is so unlike the products that are sold by the building supply stores. Not only can the color be changed, but it is the most amazing grout sealer. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much!
Marilyn V

Amazing products! Think I asked 50 questions before buying your floor cleaner and white sealer. Wanted you to know this is just a fantastic product/ Did get a kick out of the video as I am almost 69 and was not getting up and down off the floor with two bad knees. I originally had white grout, the kitchen area was so bad it almost was black even when just washed. Used your cleaner and was shocked as in areas that were not too bad it came out clean and white {the bathroom hallway, the foyer and another hallway} The kitchen was rather fun to do and what a huge difference. Thank you so very much.

Used the long handled scrubber to clean and the handle of a broom to spread the white sealer, then used the broom covered with the cloth to clean the tile, The grout cleaner people in this area wanted $1200.00 to do this project and two days, well it took me three days but look at the money I saved and the satisfaction I had. Once again thanks!
Bonnie G

Hello Mike: I dried the shower with a fan for one week and applied my Grout Shield, let it dry for 48 hours with a fan. I have a brand new shower. I towel dry the shower, like you said to do for the floor when you clean it – Perfect. I have $17.5K worth of tile in my house, we have a cattle ranch in the desert of California- you saved it – it looks like the day we built it. I have almost completely done all the floors and will order more Grout Shield for touch ups. I use a Hoover Floor mate, a home floor scrubber with soft rotating brushes. Grout Shield held up just fine. I use this machine as it scrubs and sucks up the dirty water so no more mops and dirty grout lines. My husband is amazed at your product, finally a product that really works, your company support is superior and I have recommended it to everyone I know with a tile floor.
-Jimmie & Janette B

This is the third time I’ve purchased this item. The first was to do a bathroom shower enclosure in our older home, to get it ready to put on the market. The results: outstanding! It made a 30 year old tile job look absolutely brand new! We recently moved to a brand new home and saw how quickly the grout starts to get “dirty” on a new grout bathroom floor (that wasn’t sealed), so I purchased the second batch to seal the grout from new: perfection! So then I bought it a third time to do our Master Bedroom floor…totally awesome! I would highly recommend this great product.

I am a Home Improvement contractor, before discovering Grout Shield, if my customers needed their grout redone, all I needed to do was remove the old and put down new grout. Such a long and messy job. Since being told about Grout Shield, I have been able to offer my clients an alternative to regrouting their floors. My clients have loved the results, so do I. In fact, this is all I offer now. What a great product and very easy to use. Plus, their customer service is top notch.
Stan Hayes R&R Home Services – Contractor

It’s always a pleasure when something works as advertised!!!! We used Grout Shield in our last home and over the 10 years we had the product on the floor, I did very little to maintain it, only an occasional touch up in front of our kitchen sink. It washed up perfectly always. We recently purchased a new home and just ordered for our new home. The builder recommended a sealer, but we are going to use Grout Shield instead to make sure our floors stay pristine. I highly recommend Grout Shield. Thanks!!!
-Marni Drabik

Grout shield worked even better than advertised! It was a lot of work but Grout Shield enabled us to update our grout to a new color to match our new kitchen. a new floor was not in the budget but with Grout Shield we essentially have a new floor with minimal cost. Great Product.
-Joe Altobelli

Hi. I love your products. I used your sealant in Mapei Sierra Beige back in 2014 on a large room (because the Mapei grout came out a lot lighter than it was supposed to) and it made the grout the color I was hoping for, and after 5 years, it is still going strong. Looks perfect and sheds water and no stains at all. Love it. I used the same on a bathroom floor later, and its still great, too.
-Mary Jane Shen

Happy client using groutshield on his pool.
-Jeff Greenberg

I was not sure this product would do what it says it will do. DOES IT EVER! My ugly grout looks brand new. It looks so good, I keep looking at it in amazement. I have lived with my ugly grout for 3 years. I can’t remember ever being so impressed with a product. This stuff does EXACTLY what they say it will do. For less than thirty dollars and a few hours of simple work I have beautiful floors. Thank you to the inventor of this simple solution. I am not a review writer, however I had to give some love to this stuff. WELL DONE.

My pleasure to review this product because it’s very good and easy to use unless your not too coordinated and not patient this might not be for you. I really enjoyed this product I used a little of my own methods here and there but overall just has to follow the directions and be sure to prepare the area you’re going to do. I’ve done my small kitchen three good size bathrooms and still have quite a bit left of cleaner and color with seal. Now I’m looking forward to how well it will last! I’ll will be buying more and surely will recommend this as a great and rewarding project.

I tried everything to clean the grout on my kitchen floors from scrubbing with a toothbrush to using bathroom grout cleaner nothing helped. I purchased Grout Shield and I cannot believe how brand new my floors look. I am so happy with how this turned out. I purchased the almond and it was a perfect match. I am now ordering the gray for my laundry room. I can’t believe the customers that are complaining about how hard this was to apply. This was so easy to do. Just get comfortable with a pillow and get to work so simple. This product is amazing I recommend it highly.

Our product is fabulous! I was dreading and putting off fixing my kitchen/laundry/butler’s pantry and powder room grout because of the expense and mess that I was sure would be associated with the work. Then I tried Grout Shield. For $39, it is all done and looks like a brand new floor. It was as easy as you promised. The results are fantastic. I couldn’t be happier and will be telling all of my friends about this wonderful product.
Ellen L 

I always thought I wanted tile flooring and I do like it but the grout has sure made me rethink about ever wanting tile again. I tried everything I could think of (and more) to clean the grout with no success. When we move into our current home 7 years ago the kitchen tile was brand new (grout was off white in color). After 7 years and lots of money invested in cleaning supplies the grout was black and looked terrible. I was constantly complaining about the floor and threatening to tear up the tile until I seen this product. I am so glad I decided to order it. My flooring looks brand new again. i am telling everyone I know that has tile flooring about this product.

I did my aunt’s tiles with this product and what a difference. She actually wanted to remove the tiles because she could not get the grout clean. She paid Stanly Steamer $400 to clean and seal and after a few months they looked the same. I did her floors and they look beautiful. It’s very easy to apply a little tedious but well worth the outcome. I did have a small problem though. We did her kitchen and loved it so much we ordered another bottle to do the family room that connects to the kitchen. We did not realize that it was a lighter color until we got to where the two rooms met. The bottle was mislabeled I called the company and Mike the owner was very pleasant and sent me another bottle of the correct color at no charge. If you hate your grout you will not be disappointed. Works wonders on renewing your floor! Also the cleaner it comes with in the kit is amazing…

This grout restoration kit works great. I did a small bathroom in around 1.5 hours. It is time consuming but totally worth it! Mostly it took me a while to learn how to wipe it off and not wipe off the stain from the grout.

This stuff is amazing. Itapplies easy and our grout looks like it did when it was new. It took me a week to apply to 500 square feet of tile, but I am 77 years old and can only work short periods before I get tired.

If used properly the results are AMAZING! Read some of the one star reviews here and suggestions are: (other than the ones on the instructions sheet) 1. The scrubbing after putting cleanser the grout will not turn super clean. And that’s ok. Just no dust/dirt on the floor. 2. Put THIN line of product into the grout. The more you put in, more cleaning is required. Use the brush horizontally. 3. For the wipe off after you run the finger needs to be FLAT. IE grout lines are U shaped, tiles are flat around the grout. Fold the cloth so it has a straight edge. The cloths folded side should be perpendicular to the grout line. DO NOT push the cloth into the grout, pressure on folded cloth for cleaning tile should be on the flat tile (two sides) not on the grout (center). The cloth needs to be cleaned ever so often so you are not spreading the previously cleaned grout on to the tile. I cleaned it for every two tiles and changed the folds for every tile.

Very easy to use and looks great! I ordered another color for another room. Bought a home that had some really ugly/dirty grout on floor tile and now it looks brand new!

I love, love, love this product! I live in a two-bedroom Condo with a tile flooring all over and I have done the whole unit with this product, from the kitchen to the dining, the living room to the hallway, the bathroom and the two bedrooms. I still wish I have more floors to do. It was a tedious job but I looked forward to the results which is amazing. I couldn’t stop staring at my floors now that gives me the clean look after 4 years of finding something that works.

Love this product! I’ve tried everything including professional cleaning of the grout in my front entry and bathrooms – all waste of time & money. This product worked great. I did try using it as directed, however I ended up using an artist paint brush with a flat stiff bristle. I just painted between the tiles and wiped off any product that I accidently got “out of the lines”. Looks like I have new tile! Thank you HSN!!!

Just tried your cleaner and color sealant in my tiled shower wrap around. It did everything I wanted it to do, thanks for a great product!
-Kenn W Kenn

Just wanted to tell you that I first applied your product to my grout a little over 3 years ago. (almost 4) We had some new tile put in formerly carpeted areas and there was a marked difference in the old and new grout. So I used your product to give a uniform look to all the grout – it all looked brand new! I occasionally (not often) “touch up” high traffic areas and am just now ordering another pint to have on hand, if needed. I’ve had people mention how clean my floors look – I don’t think they realize what a difference the grout makes. Thanks for an awesome product!

I just received your product today and after trying another nationally advertised product that didn’t come close to living up to the ad on TV, I was so pleasantly surprised at the results of your product. My grout was so discolored and now it looks like new! This is way better than I expected.

Thank you so much.
-J Lauer

Thank you so much for this product! We were about to rip up our tile in our kitchen but decided we would try this product first. It worked wonders. Saved us a TON of money. Thank you thank you!
-Leslie G

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Groutshield. Bought it at “Hall’s” in West Palm Beach.. and my husband and I did our kitchen. Floor LOOKS BRAND NEW! This is after lots of other products and methods tested. LOVE IT! THANK YOU!
-Cory R

Hi! I just wanted to share how happy and satisfied I am with your product. I love your product so much that I even wished I had more floors to do use your product on. To my satisfaction and excitement I had already invited friends and family to look at my clean floors. I have done my whole 2-bedroom condo that has tile flooring all over; from the kitchen to the dining room, the living room to the hallway, the bathroom and the 2 bedrooms. It was a tedious work but I had always looked forward to the results which is amazing and exceeded my expectations. My floors now are giving me that clean look that I have never seen since we moved in. I’m so happy that I found your product. After 4 years of searching it was great to find something that really works. Thank you for inventing this and sharing it with us. You surely made us happy and helped us save some money too. I wanted to buy more, not for me but for friends and family. More power to Grout Shield!
-Anne C.

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for a great product. What a difference. I also wanted to let you know it works great on porcelain tubs. I had a large chip in my tub so I put the grout sealer on it and it looks great and hasn’t bubbled like the stuff I used from Lowes did. So Double thanks and have a Happy Thanksgiving.
-John Y.


I just want to thank you. I was so happy when I found your product online. I was doing research to try and find something to clean my grout which was driving me nuts. I would scrub it at least once a month (back breaking job) with bleach. It would look ok for a few days and be right back to looking filthy.

It took my Hubby and I from start to finish (500sq ‘) around 3 hours. It looks so good that we have been asked if we replaced the tile. I love the product so much I bought some more just in case I need it later on for another project.

One very happy customer 🙂
-Liebe D.

Thanks so much Mike! This product is unmatched with any other. I will continue to push for your product!! Thanks Mike.

Just wanted to say we used your grout shield product to renew the grout in our kitchen and bathroom and we were thrilled with the outcome. Thanks for a great product!
-Lawrence J

We just used your product on our master bathroom shower, which was getting pretty disgusting. It completely transformed it back to a like-new feeling shower. We hope that it holds up over time. Figured you may like to get customers before/after pics…
-Dave P.


I had the tile done in my kitchen and laundry room about 18 months ago, and we never got around to sealing the tile.

In the meantime, we did extensive drywall work in the kitchen, and the laundry room is where the litter box is, so my beautiful raven grout was almost white in spots, and no amount of scrubbing helped. It just looked dirty…

So I bought your product, and applied it to both rooms over a weekend. All I can say is WOW! The grout (and the tile work) look like I just had it done.

Your product does exactly what it says it will, is easy, and you cannot argue with the results…:-)

Here is a before and after shot of the worst of it–and the results are amazing…

Thank you Grout Shield!
Christine E. 

To Whom It May Concern,

I purchased your Grout Shield in Almond and went from a dark brown grout to a renewed and up-to-date floor. See the before and after photos.

Because of the mosaic design it took a bit of time but in the end it was worth it. I’m contemplating doing the master bathroom floor. My knees just need to recover.
-Susan E.


Hey Mike!

Just wanted you to know I am loving the results I am getting thus far with the new color on my grout! Check this out! (see attached photo) Left side is original grout color and right side has been recolored using Ivory. My whole kitchen looks cleaner! THANK YOU! I’ll send photos when I have the floor done!
-Ruth P.

Just thought I would let you know that I received my color restoration kit for my grout this week. I started sealing my kitchen floor today and last week I stripped and cleaned it. My kitchen floor is about 25×25 so I know this will take me some time as a 58 year old working woman who is doing this on my own as my husband is disabled. It does look easier on the video but that is not your fault as my grout lines were not even and in some places not as deep as they should be, which does make it a lot easier too. I worked out a method and also used a small eye makeup brush to help those hard to cover spots, I am pleased with the 1/4 of the floor but feel I may need some more so I may order another bottle for touch ups and to match my inside of the pantry that is tiled to as well as my foyer the entry of the house. I am very pleased with results so far and the look is amazing!

I have included the before and after pictures of the area done so far! Wish me luck with remainder ! One happy customer! By the way my floor is 9 years old and looks just like new! I will be sharing on Pinterest!
Edna A.

To my new best friends at Grout Shield

You guys are AMAZING! I got my order today – – – such FAST service! Thank you!

I did a very small area I can’t believe how awesome it looks! There is NO smell, it’s so easy to clean up, and it’s EASIER to do it than I ever thought!

AMAZING! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I’ll send pics when I’m all done!


We recently purchased our first home and the flooring throughout the kitchen/ dining room & laundry room was white tile with white grout. The previous owner probably gave up trying to scrub the grout clean, so area rugs were used to cover large areas and the rest of the flooring was very stained. No cleaner I tried would whiten the grout, except resorting to SoftScrub and a good scrub brush – and some areas could never be whitened no matter what I tried. After some research, I found your product online and was skeptical. After reading all the testimonials and watching the videos, I decided to purchase a kit. I spent nearly an entire Saturday on my hands and knees to complete my kitchen & dining room floor, but the results are fantastic! I can’t comment on how the product will perform long-term, but for now I am very pleased to say the least. The before and after photos tell the story of what I was dealing with. This before photo is of the laundry room that I will be sealing in the near future. The staining was very similar through the entire floor.

Thank you!
-Julia B.

I recently purchased a sample size of your c-cure tumbleweed colored grout shield. I have used every known chemical to try and remove the dingy looking dirt, grease, and who knows what else that has built up on our tile floor grout the last eight years. I’ve had professional steam cleaning treatments done but it only looks better for a short while then just gets dirty again after only a few short months. I received the grout, chamois, and a small sample size of cleaner. I used the product on a small area in a pantry and it was absolutely the perfect match. I actually had the invoice for the brand of grout and the color from when we built our house and it was an absolute dead on match. The tile I have is manufacturer to have a tumbled or chipped looking area around the outside so I applied with my finger per the video and then wiped the excess off on the towel and then finished with a small flat art brush. It does involve some time but if you are skeptical just give the sample size a try and you will be very happy. This is an awesome product and I’ve included pictures to show you before and after. Also, it dries in about 15-20 minutes and is ready to go.

Thanks for the alternative. Now I can stop spending money on steam cleanings and hand applied cleaners once and for all. Great product as I am not easily impressed.
Monte Moore

Dear Friends,

I’ll have to admit that I was a little skeptical about your product and the apparent ease of application. I had viewed your website and video at least 3 times before deciding to “take the plunge”. However, our grout looked so bad something had to be done.

As you can see by the attached photos, it was a very successful venture. Yes, I spent several hours on my knees and skinned my knuckles with your little brush. But, in the end it is worth every minute I spent doing it.

Your cleaning product was my first surprise. I have tried everything from household cleaners to pure Clorox without success. After scrubbing with your cleaner, it almost looked good enough to quit. But, I’m glad I didn’t because the white coloring made a like new floor for us. The best part is that my wife loves the finished product. I’ll recommend your product to everyone I know with ceramic tiles.

I only wish I had done this the first time I found you online. Maybe we would have sold our house by now!

I order your grout shield in the Birch color to go over my pink grout OMG this stuff really works.It makes my master bathroom look different. I love IT!!!!!

Thanks so much!!!!!
-Melissa A 

I just wanted to tell you how happy I was with your product. I found you on the internet and everyone told me it wouldn’t work. It was too good to be true. But to my surprise! It did work. I cleaned and sealed my tile in my bathroom shower. It is about 5 years old and the grout would not clean up like it did when it was new. I had tried all kinds of different products and they didn’t work. I thought your product was so reasonably priced that it was worth a try. Thanks for a great product that does exactly what it is represented to do.
-Donna N 

I am amazed at how good my kitchen floor looks! My old grout was ugly and stained and now my kitchen floor looks brand new! Your product was easy to use — I have a brand new look in under 4 hours! Thanks!

-John G 

The money back guarantee isn’t necessary. I did it on Saturday (your video instructions on line are much better than the written ones, I just did what you did) and it came out gorgeous, almost like a new bathroom. I am really happy with this product. Two questions: How long do you leave it before showering (we already did after 24 hours and it seems ok) and how do you get this stuff off your fingernails!! I hope I have enough goop left to do my kitchen backsplash, which is also tile. Thanks.

I have to say you have one incredible product and I could not be happier. When we first installed our tile we knew right away the grout was way to light and we were so upset and thought the only option was to either live with it or dig it all out and start over again. I googled grout coloring and staining and found your product. I have to admit I was skeptical however we decided to go for it what did we have to loose. We ordered a color and it was not right it was still to light and that was a let down because I thought for sure it would match great. You encouraged us to send it back and try another color so I decided to send you a sample tile and have you do your magic and make it match for us to avoid another wrong color. You created a custom color just for us and we could not be any HAPPIER! Thank you so much you have saved us so much work, time and money. Thank you so much.

I want to thank you for your product. We recently installed new tile and some of the grout became discolored immediately. We regrouted the whole thing with a darker color and again, the same areas became discolred. I knew there had to be something out there to fix the problem and I found Grout Shield. It works and is so simple to apply. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!
Dorothy G

I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am with your product. The kitchen floor that used to be a source of humiliation due to the blackened grout, now looks brand new! The labor involved was truly insignificant for the incredible results obtained. Thank you for being available to answer questions even at “off” hours. Thank you for a great product! I have already recommended Grout Shield to friends.
-Marie Morse

I’m sending before and after pictures of my office. I am doing my entire house, so this is just step 1 but I’m thrilled.

Just a footnote – I’m a 72 year old woman and I am doing this all by myself. This is quite an endeavor, but so much more rewarding than my past attempts of making my tile look better. Figured I had to get this done now, before I’m too old to tackle the job.

Since moving in, I’ve tried scrubbing with strong cleaners, steam cleaning with a wire brush, and bleaching with oxygen bleach. I don’t know why anyone would use gray grout with cream color tiles, but I’m finally happy with the appearance of my tile floors.

Thanks, Grout Shield

I just finished my house (1600 SF). I am a 68 year old female and I did it all. My grout is a light sandstone & was so stained and dirty looking (esp in the kitchen). Now it looks like I have new tile for less than $150.00. My two year old grandson has already spilled a strawberry drink on the floor and it wiped up – no stain!!. I spilled some olive oil & same thing – no stain. WOW I can not believe how great this stuff is. THANKS for a great product that is economical, easy to apply, and looks great!!!

Thank you, thank you….what a great product. I did it myself and I can’t believe how great my floor looks. Your product really revived my tired looking kitchen floor. I was about to replace it, but I thought I would try your product first. What a difference! You saved me hundreds of dollars and as a retired person everything helps.

While NO other tile folks would touch our floors, your team helped me every step of the way to totally transform my flooring to a showroom finish. The price was a fraction of the cost I anticipated. You are by far the best kept secret in this industry…. Thank goodness for the internet and yes…even I could do it!

I just wanted to let you all know that I had great success using Groutshield to change the color of a chocolate grout to a light off-white color. I was initially very afraid of trying it because my backsplash had just been installed and was a light, natural limestone that had not yet been sealed. I only needed to change the border tiles and the center medallion groutlines, but not the field tiles. It really came out nice (and I did it myself!).

The product did not harm my light limestone at all, although I was very careful to remove all excess promptly. This product worked because it is a resin not an epoxy according to the owner Mike. Even my own tile installer could not use his regular product because his rep. said it would have ruined my limestone. I had mistakenly chosen the wrong color grout for a center medallion under my range hood, and I thought I was going to be stuck with it. I couldn’t remove the grout the traditional way (scraping it out with a carbide blade) because my limestone tiles were soft and would have been damaged.

Thanks for making a great product and for your excellent customer service. We spent $3000 on the backsplash between the hand-made medallion, natural limestone and installation, but it was the $19.95 bottle of Groutshield that saved the whole project! Thanks again- Cher and Mike were absolutely wonderful helping me solve this problem in time for the holidays! Cheers!
-Renee G 

I just finished cleaning and color-sealing my kitchen, laundry room and two downstairs bathrooms. My wife had tried for years to clean the grout in the kitchen and master bath using everything, including bleach, with very little success. Your product really works! We were totally amazed at the outcome. I have recommended your product to both family and friends. We are sold!
-John G

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE your products!! I did my entire kitchen counter; both bathroom floors and kitchen floor as well as one bathroom wall tile; it is easy to apply, looks fantastic and nothing stains it! They all look as if I had just done it yesterday. If anyone is thinking about tearing out their tile, WAIT!!! Try this product, I can absolutely guarantee that it will look like brand new. I can’t say enough great things about this product!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
-Debra F

I never write reviews. Our new kitchen was installed in November. We wanted to keep the floor because it was in great condition but the grout was terrible. We went to the tile store, found the color grout we wanted and Grout Shield matched it perfectly. I used the product this weekend and finished our kitchen floor. IT LOOKS BRAND NEW! I am simply amazed at how great this product is. It takes time to do it, but the results are worth it. I am now going to tackle the fireplace tiles. THANK YOU!!!

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your product. I replaced the tile floors in my kitchen and three bathrooms a year ago, and was never pleased with the results of the grout originally used. I sealed it using the recommended product at Lowe’s…over and over again, until I lost count. It still did not seal correctly, and looked dingy and dirty from less than normal use. To make matters worse, I started seeing numerous cracks in the grout. When I asked my contractor to repair them, I ended up in even worse shape, due to the fact that the grout colors did not match, and the cracks still returned. I was contemplating having him totally re-do the grout at this point, but the cost was prohibitive. After searching on the web for some other solution, I came across your web site, and I am so glad I did! When a 62-year old woman can solve a problem with minimal cost and effort, it’s a product to take the time to review–even three months later! My only glitch was that I initially ordered the “standard” color of ivory, because I didn’t notice the additional colors that would match the various grout brands (duh!). After completing the kitchen and main bath (which both have the same tile), I felt the color was significantly lighter than the original, and I wasn’t totally satisfied. While I think I could have “lived with it,” I felt as though after investing into remodeling my home for the first time ever, I wanted it to be perfect. Additionally, I felt the minimal effort and cost of the first go-around was not an obstacle to trying it again. The end result was that I went back to your web site, found the ivory shade for the grout brand I originally purchased, and sealed my kitchen and the one bath again. The results are perfect; the color is exactly like the original, and the cracks are completely gone! After three months, none have re-appeared, and I don’t expect them to. My grout is finally sealed, and looks great! An additional bonus is that the lighter shade of ivory turns out to be the exact right color for my other two bathrooms, so I’m not out anything (and looking smarter all the time!). Thanks so much for a great product! Hope your business has a prosperous year in 2012!
-Mary Ellen