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Grout Shield 2-Part Tile/Paver Sealer – 5 Gallons


Product Description:
To protect and beautify tile/pavers/stone.
For driveways, pool decks, walkways, and commercial applications.
Water base, reducible, variable sheen, and same-day application
2-component water-based tile/paver sealer designed for use on concrete pavers, porous stone, brick, and cement textures. It dries crystal clear and is non-yellowing and non-whitening. It can be applied the same day over surface dry substrates and will promote joint stabilization.
*A non-skid additive can be used to make the surface of tile/pavers non-slip​
Product coverage: 1 gallon makes 2 diluted gallons, 5 gallons makes 10 diluted gallons
On most unsealed tile/pavers coverage will be 250-300 square feet per gallon of diluted sealer. Second coat coverage or previously sealed surfaces can be as high as 400 square feet per gallon