GroutShield provides individuals with the tools, materials and support that are needed to start a
successful grouting business.
Long Island, NY, 9/9/09- Home repair and maintenance has always been inhabited by those with prior
training and experience but a Long Island company has opened it up to all.
Grout Shields manufactures a product that does what its name implies: It helps protect the grout in
tile work but also enhances and can change its color. The company has been successful in selling to
individual consumers. However, for the last three years it has also offered any type of person with the
supplies, training and support to start their own grout business.
“There is no experience needed,” said Grout Shields President Michael Stracuzza, “While it might
take someone without experience a little while longer to learn all the ins and outs of color sealing,
after a while and with my support anyone can do this.”
Grout shields offers potential distributors the backing of a national brand and cost effectiveness of the
manufacturing capabilities that help keep supply costs low and profits high. Grout Shields is the
manufacturer so there are no middlemen for product. It also offers a comprehensive training program
and support systems that are available at all times.
The company now supports 80 people who have opened their own businesses. It has sold territories
in Pennsylvania, Florida, Boston and Suffolk County and these owners are reporting profits within
months. “They had great success either starting their own business or adding my sealers to there
existing business,” Stracuzza said.
While home repair and maintenance can seem like a daunting business to the uninitiated, Stracuzza
says that with GroutShields real issue is not skill or experience but rather “Whether or not if they want
to run their own business and be on their way to be successful.”
For more information, please refer to the company’s website, or contact
Michael Stracuzza, President
Grout Shields
ph: 1-800-631-0716
Ron Gold, President
Marketing Works
ph: (631) 941-1100
fax: (631) 941-1111

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