NORTH BAY SHORE, June 22, 2011 — A house that gleams on the surface will sell
faster than one that appears neglected. However, regardless of how many times you
clean those busy areas in your home, constant traffic causes grout discoloration making
tile floors and walls look dirty and stained. When your grout or tile reaches this dingy
point revitalizing your tile area does not have to be a cumbersome project. Grout Shield
Color Seal products are designed to produce quick professional results with superior
“Grout Shield works in one easy application,” says Michael Stracuzza, president
and developer of Grout Shield. “With just one kit, you can restore any tile floor or wall
back to a clean, uniform look with easier maintenance and greater stain resistance,”
Michael says.
If you are selling your home and looking to perk up some areas to sweeten the
deal, tiling a kitchen backsplash is a smart move and a good investment in your home,
says Michael. “Tile is economical and wears better than paint,” he says. “It’s also easier
to clean.”
Even if your new tile/grout color scheme is perfect, you can go one step further to
assure its “brand-new state” with a clear shield that acts as a protectant, Michael
Recognized as a leader in home repair, Grout Shield has been highlighted on the
Do It Yourself (DIY) Network. “We are also looking forward to demonstrating how to
revitalize your tile/grout for the millions of Home Shopping Network (HSN) viewers this
August,” says Michael.
No project is too big for Grout Shield. “I am seeking to do the worst kitchen or
tile/grout bathroom makeover in the United States,” Michael says. “I want to show the
public how you can completely change the look of your kitchen or bathroom for under
Since 1996, Grout Shields has been offering customers the best products and
support in the industry. Grout Shield is a less expensive alternative to major home
renovations. Michael Stracuzza developed the idea for this product, which comes in
different colors, including custom colors. Grout Shield can also be applied to existing
grout, allowing homeowners to change the grout color and appearance of their tile
floors, walls, counter tops and back splashes.
For more information, visit or call 1-800-6

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