Constant traffic in restaurants, businesses, hospitals, schools and in our homes cause
discoloration in grout making tile floors and walls look dirty and stained. Ripping down and replacing
these areas can cost thousands of dollars and with the economy in a weakened state more and more
businesses and homeowners are looking to save money. Many property owners may not realize that
they can make their existing tile/grout area brand new without the heavy cost and time.
These projects — whether it’s a kitchen, back splash, entryway, foyer, bathroom, shower,
bathtub, hot tub or jacuzzi — simply need a recoating and GroutShields provides this service and
saves the business/homeowner thousands of dollars and hours in the process. The time factor is
reduced significantly, as GroutShields takes 3 to 4 hours to complete a bathroom. Floors and walls
dry in 20 minutes, however, it is recommended that the shower/hot tub/jacuzzi areas be given 24 to
36 hours to set.
When I go out to do an estimate, I assess what needs to be done on the tiling and grout. Prior
to starting any tile project, the tile and grout area needs to be cleaned. The grout sealer can then be
applied followed by wiping away any excess. In addition to the new appearance the grout will be
resistant to future stains and discoloration. GroutShields colorants are an Acrylic resin color seal that
contains a modified urethane-sealing agent. An active mildicide added to the sealant kills mold,
mildew and bacteria prevent its return. These products are also environmentally friendly and safe
around children and pets.
Any grouting project becomes easier if you have all the essential materials to help you along.
Some rubber gloves, safety goggles and kneepads are practical items to have when grouting floor
Also, when you begin a project you must consider how the area will be used and how often.
Remember, grout is a porous material and even under the best conditions will become soiled and
stained. Think about any special needs that your business or family may have. Tiling a kitchen
backsplash is a smart move and a good investment in your home. Tile is economical and wears
better than paint. It’s also easier to clean. However, you’re going to be living with the tile for some
time, so you want to make sure it is done right.
Even though you may have planned out your project, the result may be that the grout you
applied is too light. Rather than dig out the grout, you can apply any color of Grout Shield on top of
the existing grout and within hours you can change the look of any room.
Even if your new tile/grout color scheme is perfect, you can go one step further to assure its
“brand-new state” with a clear shield that acts as a protectant.
Also, if you are simply tired of your old floors or walls, you can give them a makeover and new
look by just changing the color of your grout.
Working with hotel chains and hospitals, I train their maintenance crews on how to produce
professional results while installing superior durability. I have worked with school districts that are
graded on the cleanliness of their bathrooms, and after using GroutShields they have gone from a
Level 4 to receiving a top Level 10. It is easy to restore any tile floor or wall back to a clean, uniform
look with the end result being easier maintenance and greater stain resistance.
Recognized as a leader in home repair, we have been recognized on the Do It Yourself (DIY)
Network and look forward to demonstrating how to revitalize your tile/grout for the millions of Home
Shopping Network (HSN) viewers this August. In fact, I am seeking to do the worst kitchen or
tile/grout bathroom makeover in the United States. I want to show the public how you can completely
change the look of your kitchens or bathrooms for under $50.
When your grout or tile reaches a point where it looks dirty, dingy or you simply want to change
the color revitalizing your tile area does not have to be a cumbersome project. From the average
homeowner to the most experienced tile layer, it can be a simple project.

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