GroutShields, a grout cleaning and restoration company is working to bring affordable,
do-it yourself home repair to the public, in sync with economic crisis.
May 3rd, 2009 – North Bay Shore, NY –GroutShields, a revolutionary do-it-yourself grout
sealant, restoration, coloring and cleaning product manufacturer and distributor, has,
despite current economic conditions, recently expanded both their sales to nondomestic markets as well as expanded their warehouse space to better serve the public
in this current economic crisis.
GroutShields has developed a color seal kit which can match or change the color of any
existing grout without removing your grout, for under Sixty dollars. This process can
save homeowners hundreds of dollars in home repair costs. The GroutShields
application is easy to do and because it can be done without paying additional
contracting costs, much of the stress of a home renovation is removed from the
equation. In addition to their ease of installation, the sealers will never get dirty,
discolored, or stained. An active mildicide prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and
bacteria from building up on the grout, so the homeowner saves money in an economic
climate in which conservation has become a necessity.
GroutShields’ recently opened a new and larger ware house location in Bay Shore, New
York more than doubles the original location’s square footage which has allowed the
company to offer faster service, a necessity in kitchen and bathroom renovation
services. This warehouse expansion comes on the heels of the company’s recent
distribution expansion to the international market.
GroutShields products have been manufactured since 1996 and the revolutionary
sealant has been sold over the internet for the past four years. GroutShields President
and Creator, Michael Stracuzza has spent years working with a chemist and testing the
product to ensure that it not only works, but that it is durable, strong and long lasting.
Michael is dedicated to bringing his revolutionary product to consumers all over the
world and hopes to help people realize the great potential they have to make their old
kitchen, bathroom or whatever room with tile it is, look like new.
For more information about GroutShields and its products please contact:
GroutShields Distributors
Michael Stracuzza, President
9 Madison Ave.
N. Bay Shore, NY 11706
FAX: 631-617-6801

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